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Drodzy Państwo,

Wszystko jest w poniższym liście, ale w skrócie: Wydawnictwo Alexander
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Pozdrawiam serdecznie. Szczęść Boże!
ks. Jerzy Witczak

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Temat: Theology Resources from Alexander Street Press:  Open Access Until
Od:    "Rachel Zillig" <rzillig w alexanderstreet.com>
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Dear Jerzy,

For a limited period Alexander Street Press religion and related
collections are available on an open access basis to the academic

To access to all our religion collections until the end of October please
use the following login details
If prompted to authenticate the username is reviewer and password is

Alexander Street Press collections in religion bring together primary
documents and secondary sources from the 16th, 17th, 19th, and 20th
century providing works from the major authors in religion and social
thought.  From classic protestant texts to catholic reformation writings
and from Karl Barth to twentieth century key works, these resources enable
in-depth and comparative research on Christianity.  Starting in 2014 we
will expand our resources to include other religions; Islam, Judaism,
Hinduism, and Buddhism

You can search thousands of documents and genres-- Biblical Commentaries,
Exegetical Writings, & Textual Criticism, Catechisms, Religious
Instruction, & Confessional Writings, Devotional Writings & Works of
Spirituality, Historical, Biographical, & Hagiographical Writings, Letters
& Correspondence, Sermons, Lectures & Orations, and Social & Political

Here's a brief summary of our collections

16th and 17th centuries protestant and catholic texts:
Digital Library of Classic Protestant Texts
Digital Library of the Catholic Reformation
•    They present more than 1,000 works representing a wide range of
religious traditions and orders such as the Anglican,
Lutheran/Prebysterian/Separatist, Reformed/Calvinist, Jesuit, Franciscan,
Dominican, and Jansenist.
•    Including titles in original languages such as Acheminement Ŕ La
Dévotion Civile (1624 Ed.) by Jean-Pierre Camus or An Den Stier Zu
Wittenberg (1521 Ed.) by Hieronymus Emser and original and rare editions, 
it is the most comprehensive collection of Renaissance and Reformation
sources  useful to researchers in theology, history, political science,
and sociology.

19th and 20th century religious and social thought:
The Digital Library
Twentieth Century Religious Thought. Volume I: Christianity
Social Theory

Focused on the 20th and 21st century these cover a comprehensive array of
European and American religious and social scientists from Althusser to
Marx and from Dietrich Bonhoeffer to Karl Barth.  Future titles will also
include more titles in original languages—including the complete edition
of Dietrich Bonhoeffer in German— and future volumes will represent
non-Western authors.

The Digital Karl Barth Library and Twentieth Century Religious Thought
cover the major strains and new directions in religious questioning that
have often altered the very framework of given traditions. In addition to
studying scholars’ ideas separately, researchers are able to explore
broader schools of thought to examine how different theories,
denominations, faiths, and political and cultural groups have intersected,
differed, and influenced one another. Central topics include
Protestantism, Catholicism, Evangelicalism, Lutheranism, liberation
theology, systematic theology, dialectical theology, and theocentric

Allowing for in-depth analysis of the various schools of thought in
religion, these resources also provide great tools for understanding 20th
century history turning points through the lens of religion:
o    Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s works such as Letters from Prisons detail the
inner workings and persecution of the nazi regime
o    Gustavo Gutierrez works are rich in insights on the social conditions
and liberation efforts in Latin America
o    The Niebuhr Papers are filled with daily records of activities to
support refugees during the War and efforts to reconstruct Europe after
the War

The following playlists feature a selection of authors from Europe and
Latin America and topics of coverage key to ethics and social issues in
the 20th century - if asked to authenticate username is reviewer and
password is 7disposition5
European authors http://tcrt.alexanderstreet.com/Playlists/402799
Latin American authors http://tcrt.alexanderstreet.com/Playlists/402798
History I: WWII and its aftermath
History II: Socialism and Capitalism
History III: Nuclear Age http://tcrt.alexanderstreet.com/Playlists/400352
History IV: Church and State http://tcrt.alexanderstreet.com/Playlists/402001
History V: Colonization http://tcrt.alexanderstreet.com/Playlists/402009
History VI: Religion and Sexuality

As our collections are designed for academic use, we value the feedback
and suggestions of the local academic community.  Any ideas you have for
new collections you would like us to consider creating, or any suggestions
for content you would like to see included in our collections, are very
welcome. Please contact me directly with feedback and comments.

Best regards

Rachel Zillig
Sales Manager - Europe
Alexander Street Press

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