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Pon, 20 Lis 2017, 12:11:36 CET

Przekazuję informacje o nowościach ATLA. Najciekawsze z naszego punktu widzenia jest włączenie ATLA Catholic Periodical and Literature Index do ATLA Religion Database którą to bazę już prenumeruje kilka z naszych bibliotek.

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      ATLA Announces Major Product News 
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      New Full-text Upgrade Offering: ATLASerials PLUS™ (ATLAS PLUS™) and Integration of the ATLA Catholic Periodical and Literature Index® (ATLA CPLI®) into the ATLA Religion Database (ATLA RDB)®
      Chicago, IL, November 16, 2017 -- The American Theological Library Association (ATLA) is pleased to announce the following new and enhanced products which will be available on EBSCO’s EBSCOhost platform.

      ATLASerials PLUS™ (ATLAS PLUS™) is a new offering of more than 425 full-text journals in many diverse areas of religion and theology, with full-text content in 16 languages from more than 30 different countries. ATLAS PLUS includes all the titles in ATLA’s original full-text product, ATLASerials® (ATLAS®) as well as more than 100 additional full-text titles at launch.  

      In addition, ATLA is merging the ATLA Catholic Periodical and Literature Index® (ATLA CPLI®) into the ATLA Religion Database® (ATLA RDB®). Once a stand-alone product specific to Catholicism, ATLA CPLI content will enhance ATLA RDB with the inclusion of more than 500,000 additional records. “I am delighted to see these two products merge together,” commented Maria Stanton, ATLA’s Director of Production. “The combined product is a direct result of customer and market feedback and will prove valuable to researchers as they search for religion and theology content across many religious and faith traditions.”  

      Brenda Bailey-Hainer, ATLA’s Executive Director, observed, “The addition of ATLA PLUS to the ATLA suite of products demonstrates our commitment to support worldwide scholarly communication in religion and theology. We will continue to add new content to both ATLAS and ATLAS PLUS that further expands the breadth and depth of our full-text coverage of the field.” 

      More information about ATLA’s products: http://www.atla.com/products/prodinfo/Pages/default.aspx 

      Inquiries about subscriptions should be directed to EBSCO at https://www.ebsco.com/contact


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